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27 Jan 2017

3D Character Generalist

Requirements 1-4 years’ experience as a 3D character generalist Modelling, rigging, skinning and lighting Take character from concept to final render output Communicate productively within a multi-disciplined team High & low poly modelling, UV mapping, creating textures including normal maps You must have the ability to convert concept and reference material into 3D assets.  Collaborate with designers, animators, and concept artists.  Be a tea player, and be able to work to schedules and deadlines.  You must be passionate about 3D […]

27 Jan 2017


Requirements: Constructing the final image by combining layers of previously created material Enhance the lighting, match blacks& other colour levels, add grain where required, add motion blur where required and create convincing shadows Make sure levels combine together seamlessly, keying, rotoscoping, and creating mattes where necessary Work closely with lighters and needs to have technical knowledge of how 3D lighting works You must have an eye for composition, colour, light and shadow.  Also have a methodical, and thorough approach to […]

27 Jan 2017

Concept Artist

Requirements: Able to design characters, vehicles, environments etc to fit the story Transfer ideas into good illustrations Generate a visual design for an item, character or area that doesn’t exist yet Provide sketches, drawings, paintings or visual depiction that demonstrates your vision You must have a college degree in Visual Arts or Communication Design, coursework in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and art history.  Study of anatomy in order to accurately replicate animal or human forms.  Study of architecture to provide […]

27 Jan 2017

2D/3D Motion Graphics Artist

Requirements: 1-4 years’ experience Possess a high level of creativity Ability to work to deadlines and production schedules Articulate, attention to detail Great aesthetic sense for lighting, texturing & materials You must be able to work in a team environment, be self-motivated, resourceful, organised, highly creative and have a strong sense of layout, typography, motion & design skills.  If you meet these requirements, then please send your CV to  hr@digitechmark.co.uk